Everybody (OK, well ALMOST everybody) likes to see photos of the people, places and things that bring back those great memories of their time aboard USS THOMAS C. HART (DE/FF-1092).  We have a boatload of old photos of young people and their experiences while on the ship, at work, at play, onboard and ashore.  So take a few moments to check out these portfolios and jog those memories.  Enjoy!!!

YN2 Ron Baylis’ Photos (73-77)

BT2 Thomas Sexton’s Photos (75-80)

GMT2 Mark Dammer’s Photos (77-81)

ETN-3 Pat Burke’s Photos (78-80)

OS2 David Nushbaum’s Photos (83-87)

BT1 Jerry Leatherwood’s Photos (85-88)

LT Garry Collins’ Photos (86-89)

OSCM Jim Maddox’s Photos (89-92)

BT3 Alex Gales’ Photos (90-92)