Reunion 2022

26 June 2022:  We just wrapped up our TCHVA Reunion from 21 – 26 June 2022.  Another great event!  Stay tuned as we begin to compile photos of this event to highlight the good times we all had.  And as you may have read on the Home page (Quarterdeck/1MC) all the members who were present at the 25 June 2022 Business Meeting voted to have another reunion next year (2023) in order to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the TC Hart’s commissioning.  So stay tuned as we begin to develop our plans for this Golden Jubilee celebration. Below you will see links to different pages associated with this year’s reunion.  So please take a moment to visit at your leisure! 

TCHVA Reunion 2022 Photo Album

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14 May 2022:  REMINDER – Last day to reserve a room for the TCHVA Reunion 21-26 June 2022 at the guaranteed reduced rate is Saturday, 21 May 2022!!!

You can still register for the reunion after that date (by downloading the Registration Form and mailing) but the hotel cannot guarantee the reduced rate.  So please don’t delay.  Shaping up to be another great reunion! 11 March 2022:  So far, so good as we have a number of shipmates, family members and friends signed up for the reunion.  Check out the list below!  Already about 1/3 of the rooms available have been reserved!  We just received word from our event planner that Covid restrictions continue to be lifted in our nation’s capitol region, and plans are most, if not all, mask restrictions should be gone in April.  This is encouraging news, and hopefully as restrictions are lifted we’ll see an uptick in the number of planned attendees.  It’s shaping up to be another great event, so don’t wait too long, get your registration in now.  Cheers!11 January 2022: It’s here!  Click the link below to get the official TCHVA Reunion Brochure for our event scheduled for 21 – 26 June 2022!  It promises to be another wonderful event, full of sites, sounds and those glorious sea stories to share with former shipmates, friends and families.  Hope to see you there.  All the info you’ll need to register, reserve your hotel room at a discounted rate, and sign up for the great tours is enclosed.  It seems like forever since we last met in Rapid City SD in June 2019.  Sadly we had to postpone the event last year due to the Covid Pandemic, but we’re moving forward again.  The brochure is ready for you to download/print/complete and mail.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you make your hotel reservations ASAP.  While the brochure contains a link to the hotel, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you contact the hotel directly for reservations at 703-793-3366 and tell them you are a member of the Thomas C. Hart reunion group to get the $119.00 (plus tax) rate, a bargain if you’re familiar with the DC area!.  DO NOT ASK FOR RESERVATIONS DESK, but when you call ask for either the Special Events desk or Group Sales desk.  A set number of rooms are available at the discount rate, but the sooner we fill those up, the more the hotel can reserve for our event.  Reservations MUST BE MADE prior to 21 May 2022 to guarantee space and rate.  As an added bonus, the discounted rate is also good for the 3 days prior to and after the event dates, a great deal for anyone looking to extend their visit and explore the multitude of sites in the DC and Northern VA area.When looking at the brochure, the only REQUIRED cost is the Registration Fee of $80.00/person.  This fee covers the banquet (make sure to make your meal selection), the hospitality suite with food and beverages, as well as our event planner fee.  As for the tours, sign up for as many as possible – it will be a busy time in our Nation’s Capitol, and note the special dedication of the TCH Commemorative Placque at the US Navy Memorial during Tour #3 on Friday, 24 June 2022.  All are invited to attend.If you have any questions, feel free to contact Garry Collins at or go directly to our event planner’s web site consider attending and reach out to former shipmates and encourage them to join or renew their memberships and join in the Reunion celebration.  If you’ve attended in the past, you know it’s a blast! 

Who plans to attend the 2022 Reunion!!!  We usually receive an updated list of folks who registered at the hotel and for the event(s) each Friday afternoon.  In some cases registration forms may have arrived later than the last update, or there was a delay in processing the forms.  So if you have mailed in your registration form, and in some cases also received a confirmation note from our planner, never fear, your name will appear!!! Tours:  (1) Mall Museums, Weds 22 Jun, 9AM – 4:30PM; (2) Arlington Cemetary & Mt Vernon, Thurs 23 Jun, 8AM – 4:30PM; (3) Memorials & Plaque Dedication, Fri 24 Jun, 7:45AM – 4PM; (4) Banquet, Sat 25 Jun, 6:30PM – 9PM

Reunion Registrations:                                                        Rate/Rank (on TCH)          Tours
 Garry Collins, Marilyn, Eddie & Geneva (guests) LT, 86-89 1,2,3,4
 John Ebata, Wendy BTFN, 86-90 1,2,3,4
Steve Holliday, BernadetteDC1, 85-903,4
E. Scott Ruerup, Patricia KoptchOS2, 73-761,2,3,4
David NeimeyerLTjg, 75-771,2,3,4
Larry Cooper, Nita, Jessica FTG21,2,3,4
Bruce Mikolaitis, LoiuseFC2, 85-892,3,4
Jerry Leatherwood, TerryBT1, 85-883,4
MacMichael, Josephine (Jo) (Skip’s spouse)Skip (CO, 83-85)4
Archer Macy, JanetLT (RADM), 85-864
Louis Nick, AlysonCAPT (CO), 85-873,4
Phil Leblanc. DianeHT2, 73-761,2,3,4
Danny Easter, SharonSH1, 75-79, 88-913,4
Daniel Vasconcellos, KarenFTG2, 77-822,3,4
Schubert, Dan, MollyETN3, 73-753,4
Lamboni, Mark, KathyLTjg, 76-792,3,4
Bill TylockEM2, 78-831,2,3,4
Joseph TumminelloFC3, 84-872,4
Ron Koshko, AnetaEW1, 75-791,2,3,4
Steve Garcia, DeeNC1, 84-874
Bill Hamlet, Nelly (guest) 4
David AltwiesRM1, 85-901,2,3,4