2019 Reunion Planning - Rapid City SD

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2019 Reunion Planning - Rapid City SD
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28 April 2019:  Reminder - the last day to reserve a room for the TCHVA Reunion, 4-9 June 2019 in Rapid City, SD and get the guaranteed group rate is Saturday, 4 May 2019.  You may still reserve a room after 4 May 2019, but it is on a space available basis, and the hotel cannot guarantee the special group rate - but you can always ask!  Also remember to fill out the registration form and sign up for any of the tours/events we have planned.  Hotel info and the Registration Form can be found in the TCHVA 2019 Reunion Agenda link below, just above the attendee roster.  Should be a lot of fun, so don't delay!!!!

13 April 2019:  The latest edition of the TCHVA Newsletter is available by clicking on the Newsletters link on the left hand side of this page.  It contains the latest info on the Rapid City SD event planned for 4 - 9 June 2019.

9 February 2019: We have published a Special Edition TC HART 2019 Reunion Newsletter.  It is included in the Newsletters page as well as being emailed to all current and past members for whom we have a current address.  It includes the same 2019 TC HART Reunion planning brochure and registration info/form to review and hopefully sign up to attend our event this coming June in Rapid City SD.  It promises to be a great time.  We have put a lot of thought, time and effort in the agenda, and have been working with a great event planner to try and make this as easy as possible to attend and enjoy.  Cheers!!!!

10 November 2018:  OK Shipmates!  Below is the link to the official brochure for our 2019 TCHVA Reunion in Rapid City, SD, to be held 4 - 9 June 2019.  Please take time to review the brochure as it contains all the info you will need to decide what events and excursions you may be interested in during this event.  A link that will allow you to make your hotel reservations at our special Thomas C Hart Reunion rate is in the brochure, as well as the reservation form for the Reunion to sign up for the various outings and excursions we have set up for attendees. 

It is a quite venue in a most picturesque and historical part of our country.  We are looking forward to seeing many of you there.  Just simply click on the link below this note and you'll be transferred to the brochure and registration info.

 Again, can't wait to see lots of new faces to join with many of the, well, seasoned attendees from past reunions, each of which has been most successful.   


TCHVA 2019 Reunion Agenda

***Check out who is planning to attend the 2019 Reunion!!!!  
We receive an updated list of folks who registered at the hotel and for the event(s) each Friday afternoon.  In some cases registration forms may have arrived later than the last update, or there was a delay in processing the forms.  So if you have mailed in your registration form, and in some cases also received a confirmation note from our planner, never fear, your name will appear!!! 
Tours:  (1) Black Hills: Weds, 5 Jun 19, 8:15AM - 4:45PM; (2) Badlands: Thurs, 6 Jun 19, 8:45AM - 3:15PM; (3) Founding Fathers/Air & Space Museum/Downtown Rapid City Tour: Fri, 7 Jun 19, 8:45AM - 3:00PM; (4) Banquet: Sat, 8 Jun 19,  6:30PM - 9:00PM

Reunion Registrations:                                                  Rate/Rank (on TCH)               Tours
Randy Groen,  Anita (spouse),  Jillian (daughter)
STG2  1973-1976
Jerry Leatherwood, Terry (spouse)
BT1, 1985-1988
John Ebata, Wendy Baker (Guest)
BTFN, 1986-1990
 David Coleman
 STG1, 1973-1977
 David Neimeyer
 LTjg, 1975-1977
Ron Church, Peggy (Spouse)
 FTG2, 1973-1977
 Dan Schubert, Molly (spouse)
 ETN3, 73-75
 Glenn Marshall, Kathleen Allen (Guest)
 GMG2, 74-79
 Steve Holliday
 DC1, 85-90
 Garry Collins
 LT, 86-89
 Mark Lamboni, Kathy (spouse)
 LTJG, 76-79
 Lee Edwardsen
 STG2, 81-86
 Dennis Paul, Marie Glisson (Spouse)
 HM1(SW/AW), 91-93
 Larry Cooper
 FTG2, 73-75
 Jim Stevens, Nancy (Spouse)
 CDR (CO), 87-89
 Thomas Sexton, Marilyn (Spouse)
 BT2, 75-80
 Larry Martin
 RM2, 73-76
 Phil LeBlanc, Diane (Spouse)
 HT2, 73-76
 Scott Ruerup, Patricia Kotch (Spouse)
 OS2, 73-76
 Kevin Staten, Margaret (Spouse)
 OS1, 87-92

Here are some links to information about our host city for the 2019 TCHVA Reunion in June 2019.  Enjoy!!!

South Dakota Visitors Guide

Rapid City SD Visitor Information

History Of Rapid City SD

Contact Us