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Any shipmate who would like to assist with this website please click the link below and send me an email.  No knowledge of computer code is needed.  You can turn on  your creativity, post some pictures, add some text, etc..

Click here!

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Photo taken during Artic Sharem - 1984 North of Iceland - Approaching AOR-2 for RAS

Welcome Aboard the USS Thomas C. Hart (DE/FF-1092) Veterans Association's homeport on the web!  We hope you enjoy your visit.  Some of our pages on this site feature audio when you visit the page so turn up your volume to enhance your experience. If you ever served aboard the TCH, we'd love for you to join us.  Everyone is welcome to look around and sign our Decklog (guestbook).  Association members are invited to visit the "Members Only Lounge" for posting comments and discussion items.  If you have photos or ideas for the site, please let us know!  If your'e a TCH vet, please be sure to "Muster" on the Sailing List page. 

Voting has closed for Reunion 2015 location - Our Members have chosen Newport, Rhode Island as the 2015 reunion location!  Fall is also the preference for the season of the event!  Thanks to all who participated in the voting! Now the planning begins!  Volunteers to assist would be appreciated.  If'd you'd like a hand in helping make this a spectacular event, please click the link below.  Our Chairman, Ron Koshko, will be heading up this affair!

If you'd like to help with the reunion planning, please complete the form below and let us know how you'd like to help!  Don't forget to click the "submit" button. Thanks

Full name:
Email address:

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Will the following shipmates, please update your email address.  We are getting kickbacks.  We don't want you to miss out on all things TCH - Use the handy form below to update! Thanks

Chuck Barnes, Nolan Bass, Joseph Childress, Tommy Conway, John Dallessandro, Eric Eustice, Clarence Farmer, Michael Ferry, Mark Gagern, Pete Haines, Frank Kelley, Jess Kolbeck, Charles Lawlor, Jesus Lopez, Robert Marshall, Donald McCormick, Rob Miller, Thomas Myers, Thomas Newsome, Bruce Nothem, Ricky Olson, Ray Polen, Charles Priestley, Ollie Read, James Richardson, Joe Roberts, Steven Sarecky,  Mark Schofield, Robert Soupiset, James Stevens, Kenneth Sweet, Richard Thornton, Kenneth Williams.

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TCHVA Members:  It's time to renew your memberships!  Special Offer - balance of 2013 is no charge.  A $20 membership dues will last until January 2016!  Click the "Join TCHVA" page on the left or click the link below to join/renew your membership.  Check the current Member Listing Page to see if your name is  listed. If it isn't your membership has expired.  
Our new membership cards are also in!  All renewals/new memberships will receive a new membership card! 

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Recent New TCHVA Member/Renewals: Michael Jones (SHC 74-76), Todd Black (LT 87-90), Dennis Paul (HM1 90-93), Richard Rush (FC1 86-89), Brian Franklin (EN2 86-90), Kerry Long (LT 73-77), Jesse Barnett (MSSN 90-93), Jeffrey Krampert (FTG2 83-85), James Lambert (RMC 85-90), Daron Walker (STG2 85-89), Frederick Cook (RMC 92-93), Thomas Miller (MM2 77-81), Neal Jefferis (LT 82-85), Kevin Staten (OS1 88-92), & Damian Mataraza (OS2 88-092), Fred Longenecker (LT 84-87), Mark Lamboni (LTJG 76-79), Ronald Wilson (HMC 73-75), Nelson Mertz (STG1 73-76), Lawrence "Larry" Martin (RM2 73-76), Marc Goodman (EM2 85-89), Ronald Brown (MMFN 73-76), David Nusbaum (OS2 84-87), Joseph Tumminello (FC3 84-87), Jack Mckinzie (RMC 73-76), Tommy Sexton (BT2 75-80), Martin Letitia (GMG2 75-78), Todd Moss (STGSN 86-89), Archer Macy (RADM 85-86), Craig Maywhort (SK2 82-86), Robert Coleman (HM2 73-74), David McCullough (Terry Peterson (TM2 91-93), Todd Black (LT 87-90), Michael Schmitt (STG1 79-83), Peter Ford (BM2 73-76), Sean Patton (LCDR 86-89), Oscar Waldheim III ( ICC 78-81), Nick Gallo (SM2 83-88), Jeff Resling (STG3 85-88), Jimmy Wilkerson (MMC 73-75), Gary Sparks (ETR-2 75-77), Ron Babb (76-78), Dave Kaminski (OS2 84-87), Michael "Sammy" Sulima (MM2 82-85), Robert Berry (MM2 76-79), John Williamson (EW1 82-87), Sam McLeod (EM2 73-74, EMC 82-85), Ron Smith (STG1 73-76),  Gary Nelms (IC2 74-76), Dave Coleman (STG1 73-76), Gary Smith (MSSN 73-76), Robert Rooks (QM2 74-77), Randy Funkhouser (ETC 88-91), Lou Nick (CAPT CO 85-87), Steven Buchanan (BM1 77-81), Dave Neimeyer (LTJG 75-77)

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If you served onboard USS Thomas C. Hart (DE/FF-1092) we'd sure love for you to join the TCHVA! Dues are only $10/year.  We've made it simple to join!  We can now accept debit cards, credit cards, and your PayPal payment.  You can be a member in two minutes! 

To join or renew your membership, click the TCHVA lapel pin to the right.

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